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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
04 April 2030 @ 01:11 am
"Hey, you've reached Dr. C. I'm tied up, so leave a message."

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
06 April 2012 @ 05:59 pm
Got drunk. Pulled a Joey Tribbiani.
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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
13 December 2010 @ 05:05 pm
Just a note, all of Chris' RP logs, fics, and random chats within his RP verse will now be posted to RP comm miamimedical.

The only things you will probably find here are prompts or fics related direction to canon and the 13 Miami Medical episodes in existence. His RP world has now spanned beyond that and we have moved over to this community solely for that verse. Please watch miamimedical if you wish to follow.

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
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As soon as Bella received the page that Dave had been rushed to the ER, she just took off. She had been sitting with Rick, just as she promised, and when the page had come through the beeping of it had woken Rick but all she could do was apologise to him, promise he would be moved to his hospital room ASAP and then she bolted to the ER. It was just a rush of directions and orders, then. She managed to talk briefly to Dave about his wishes and although he was very groggy, he told her that she had to tell anyone if it came up. He didn't want her to have to lie for him. Of course it came up. Both Chris and Proctor were waiting for news on Dave's condition, so she had no choice but to tell them about the diagnosis. They both looked terribly shocked and Bella couldn't blame them at all. but she hadn't been able to stick around to elaborate. Dave was still drifting in and out of consciousness and still vomiting blood, but she did manage to get out of him that he had spent the last two days experiencing intense vomiting bouts, but nothing like this.

The scope showed a mild gastritis...Collapse )

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
31 October 2010 @ 12:28 am
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There had been no question as to whether Chris would accompany Dave to to the ER. In fact, not even Proctor argued with that when he stated it. Dave was in a bad way, but at least when he passed out, he stopped throwing up. When the gurney arrived, Chris could only stand back and watch as Dave was transferred onto it, on his side in case he started to be sick again. All he could remember was Dave indicating that the pain wasn't just in his stomach and it hadn't just come on suddenly. It kept going over and over in Chris' mind, but he couldn't get it to lead anywhere. When Dave was rushed into the depths of the ER, Chris soon had his cell planted to his ear with his Mom to check how Rick was. He interrogated her even when Mrs Deleo promised him Rick was okay. Sleeping and bummed Bella got paged to leave his side, but so far, he was holding up.

It placated Chris just a little, but he didn't put his cell phone away. He kept a tight grip on it after literally barking orders at Kathy and Tuck to get Serena to call him as soon as she could. So far she hadn't, but he needed it more than ever. It had barely been five minutes after his Mom told him that Bella had been paged from Rick's side to when Chris watched, dumbfounded, as the oncologist pregnant with his niece or nephew came rushing into the ER with what looked to be two students in tow. There was a hushed and rapid consult at the nurses' station where Bella listened, looking worried and serious, before she had disappeared with the students to the examination bays. Chris had just shaken his head in slight disbelief, trying not to let the panic build up inside him. The ER was a big place, lots of patients. She wasn't here for Dave, surely?

Only, eventually Bella herself had come to approach both Chris and Proctor, who had been waiting on news of Dave...Collapse )

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
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For once, Chris was actually doing what he was told. He was sitting in MT1 and waiting for Serena. It was almost driving him mental being there and knowing he couldn't step in to the absolute chaos overflowing around him, but he was still sitting... and waiting. Waiting forever, it felt like. On the upside, just about every staff member at MT1 save for the Alpha Team had come to sit with him for a little while to see how he was and try to interrogate him about dating Serena. He managed to joke off all the questions with most, and those who kept persisting, he told them he was feeling tired and ill, so they backed right off anyway. It probably did help that he looked far, far from in Dr C form. He wasn't in scrubs, for one. He was in sweats and a hoodie, not to mention the amount of weight he had lost from the transplant-gone-wrong. Of course, everyone knew what happened and they were glad to see he was back on his feet. He just really didn't feel like getting sympathy looks. He would rather sit there alone and wait than sit there with someone looking at him like they wanted to spoon feed him or give him a sponge bath.

It was just lucky he had insider information...Collapse )

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
Chris was maybe all of 30% awake as he sat in the recliner chair beside Rick in the chemo clinic. He had sweet-talked one of the nurses into moving it from the next bay over and pushing it up against Rick's. He had managed to get dressed in some at least presentable clothing of black track pants and a Marlins football jersey with a hoodie over the top, and it was all on the right way this time, but that was about the extent of it. Rick had an early-ish start with the next round of chemo, with Bella asking him to be here at eight thirty. Chris had stubbornly insisted he was going along, even if Carla was already going to be there. There was no getting rid of Chris now that he decided to be a human-sized hemorrhoid. He was still struggling himself, though. Despite the fact he had checked himself out of hospital and he was no longer a patient, returning to 'normal' life immediately obviously wasn't going to happen. He still had pain, and between checking out of hospital and now, he had slept about eighteen of the twenty four hours that passed.

Still, it was about to be an impossibility for anyone to get him to stop completely...Collapse )

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Dr. Chris Deleo // Dr C.
20 October 2010 @ 11:06 pm
When Chris woke up this time, he was extremely disoriented. Spending so much time in a hospital, to wake up now on a sofa with his face squished into a pillow and a blanket over him was weird. In fact, initially, he thought he was dreaming until he realised his torso was aching and he had pins and needles in his foot. He was still half asleep when he shifted to get his stomach into a different position to try and ease the ache, but he highly suspected it was because he had overdone things with the dramatic escape tactics he had pulled. But when he cracked his eyes open a little wondering where Rick's shoulder had gone to because he distinctly remembered that being his last pillow, he found himself looking at a pair of blue-covered legs. His sleepy, heavy-lidded eyes trailed up slowly and found that the legs were connected to... Girlfriendzilla.

Uh oh.

He wondered if it was too late to play dead or pretend he was a clone. She had probably already poked him to check he was breathing without him realising, but now the look on her face anything but relieved. Chris was relieved that she didn't seem to have any items or implements in her hands, or he may have found himself with them shoved in uncomfortable places. "Can you yell quietly? My everything hurts," he told her huskily, clearing his throat as he rested his forehead back down on the pillow so his eyes were level with her kneecaps again.

Serena really didn't know how to answer Chris' husky murmurs...Collapse )

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